NU 630 won the 31st Taiwan Excellence - Silver Award

NU630-excellence-silver-award 2022-12-08

The Taiwan Excellence Award is the Oscar representing Taiwan's industry, the selection of winning entries of the Taiwan Excellence Awards have to meet the highest standards in R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing. The products selected for the award serve as examples of domestic industries. It is our pleasure to announce Campro NU 630 won the 31st Taiwan Excellence Silver Award.

This year, with 1,109 participators, 348 products from 186 businesses received the Taiwan Excellence Award and with 30 products being selected for the Gold and Silver Awards. A special thanks to Taiwan Excellence and panel of judges gave NU 630 high recognition to the innovation to be in one of 30 products.

The NU 630 is a traveling column 5-axis / 5-face machining center that owns 4 patents with an impressive feature set that can machine workpieces of up to 630 mm in diameter and 1,525 x 635 mm in size. Thanks to the Head-Table Configurations. With high rigidity swivel head as a controlled B-axis, the ±110° swiveling range changes tool nose point in seconds to provide multiple machining processes and complex parts machining performance. Working table embedded rotary table design supports both 3-axis and 5-axis jobs. Thermal compensation functions apply on linear axes and tool center point of 5-axis to control machining accuracy within 5~8μm and save 75 ~ 80% cost from adding linear scale and displacement gauge. The Campro MTConnect® adapter provides KPI module that allows you to calculate an OEE for a single machine and to know its availability, performance and quality.