NT Series

The Campro NT Series 30° Slant-bed Box Way CNC Lathe is a specialized box way turning center that offers exceptional performance. Designed with a one-piece 30° slant bed and boxway construction, it provides superior stiffness, reduced vibration, and the ability to handle heavier cutting operations while occupying a smaller footprint.

Within the NT Series 30° Slant-bed Box Way CNC Lathe, there are two different structural configurations available. One option is the integration of a tailstock, which provides additional support and stability during machining processes. The other option is the integration of a sub-spindle, which is a highly flexible and profitable twin spindle CNC turning machine that offers several advantages, especially when it comes to performing front and back-end jobs in a single setup.

NT-208 (Box)

X:210+20 / Z:570 (mm)



X:200+20 / Z:530 (mm)


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