Automation offers numerous advantages in manufacturing processes, including increased efficiency, improved productivity, and reduced labor costs. By reducing human intervention, automation systems enhance precision, repeatability, and programming ease. They allow for seamless transfer of workpieces or pallets between machine tools and supportive devices like washing stations or measuring cells.

Campro provides a range of automation solutions, including the CRG Series Gantry robot. This gantry robot system collaborates with Campro CNC machines, offering high flexibility and scalability. It combines three linear motion axes in the X, Y, and Z directions and one rotary motion axis, meeting the demands of high-efficiency shop floors. The gantry robot arm ensures efficient parts load/unload and minimal take time.

Campro's automation solutions encompass various options such as Integrated Robot Vision System, 7th Axis Robots, Long travel Stroke Transferring Gantry Robots, Automated cell with collaborative integration of articulated robot and gantry robot, L-shaped Cellular Layout gantry robot, Two CNC Machines with A Single Robot System, and collaborative robots. These automation systems offer improved throughput, reduced labor costs, consistent part quality, and faster deliveries.

CRG Series

Gantry Robot


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