5 Axis Machining Center

Why do we need a 5 axis CNC machining center? When we discuss machining centers, we usually refer to the 3 axis VMC. The 3 axis VMC, also known as a 3 axis Vertical Machining Center, is a CNC machine that cuts along three axes: X, Y, and Z. It features a vertically oriented spindle that approaches the workpiece mounted on the working table from above. This type of machine is well-suited for producing most geometries and simple parts. However, it may encounter difficulties with non-conventional shapes or designs that have deep, narrow cavities that are challenging to access. Operators might need to manually reposition the workpiece, which can slow down processing speed and lead to increased labor and machining costs.

In contrast, a 5 axis machining center offers greater flexibility and precision. It enables the workpiece to be manipulated along multiple axes, including the regular X, Y, and Z axes, as well as additional fourth and fifth axes achieved by rotating axis. With the ability to move the substrate along these additional axes, 5 axis machines can access complex geometries and produce intricate designs with tight tolerances.

Campro, one of the leading 5 axis CNC machining center manufacturers, offers a range of configurations. The lineup includes three configuration types: table-table, head-table, and head-head configurations. The table-table configuration, found in the NU 170C, NU 255C, NU 400C, and NU 550 series, adopts a tilting rotary table. This combination of a 360° rotary table and optimal machine internal design effectively reduces interference issues, provides an ample machine working area, and minimizes the machine footprint. You can find other configuration types from various 5 axis machining center manufacturers, and the same applies to Campro. In addition to that, Campro offers the NU 630 and NU 1250 models, which feature a head-table configuration. Furthermore, the double column structure provides the head-head configuration. These different configurations are designed to meet diverse manufacturing needs and facilitate efficient and precise machining operations.

Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Job Shops and Medical

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