Precision Lathe

The Precision CNC lathe, or Precision CNC turning machines are machine tools that rotate a bar of material which are commonly used in metal working and metal spinning, that are the earliest working mother machine. Since the CNC lathe was created, the technology allows machinists to control the process equipment in the production system by digital signal operating, the CNC automatic lathe machines have become useful because they are fast and accurate, it's a CNC precision automatic lathe machine.

A CNC lathe machine comes in a variety of configurations that are specific to remove material from the bar until the desired product is remaining. The machine can be configured horizontally and vertically, it is typically comprised of a bed, headstock, chuck, tool turret, and spindle for feeding purposes. The chuck is for clamping the workpiece, so the workpiece itself is secured and rotated by the spindle. The turret is a tool station which holds a group of different cutting tools that can index any tool for operation, while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material, the workpiece can be created the desired shape.

Campro is committed to providing you with the high precision CNC lathe, we have complete line from CNC horizontal turning centers to CNC vertical turning center. Campro CNC lathe offers a wide range of chuck sizes from 6” to 24” and the maximum turning length can be 3,000 mm to meet customers’ various manufacturing demands, it includes a family of 45° slant bed as well as a family of 30° slant bed. CPL series are 45° Slant-bed CNC Precision Lathe, the chuck size from 6” to 15” are linear guideway structure and chuck size from 18” to 24” are box guideways. Campro NT series 30° Slant-bed Box Way CNC Lathe is a highly rigid and profitable BOX way CNC lathe which provides excellent performance for heavy-duty cutting.

Campro VT series CNC Precision Vertical Lathe is a family of vertical turning center, VT series are designed based on Japanese technology, incorporating a robust structure to provide well balanced machining at full power, ideally suited to the disc-type parts and short parts.

Precision CNC Lathe Applications: Automotive, Job Shops and Mass Production

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