VT Series

Campro offers a comprehensive range of CNC Lathe products, including both horizontal and vertical configurations. In the vertical turning center category, Campro presents the VT series, which is built upon Japanese technology and engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

We offer the VT series CNC Precision Vertical Lathe in our Vertical Turning Center product line. These machines feature a robust and well-balanced construction, allowing for precise and powerful machining. With an emphasis on rigidity and practical layout, they are especially suitable for disc-type parts, delivering optimal productivity and superior quality.

To ensure smooth and accurate movement, the VT series incorporates hardened steel ways on the X and Z axes. This feature enhances the overall stability and precision of the machining process. Additionally, linear roller bearings are employed on the X and Z axes, further contributing to the smooth and reliable movement of the machine.

In summary, Campro's VT series CNC Precision Vertical Lathe combine Japanese technology, robust construction, and practical layout to deliver outstanding performance in the machining of disc-type parts. The incorporation of hardened steel ways and linear roller bearings ensures smooth and precise movement, while the A2-8 spindle nose and 12-station servo turret offer versatility and flexibility. Whether it's a turning center, turn mill center, or mill turn machining center, Campro's CNC Lathe product line provides a comprehensive solution to meet various machining requirements.


X:175+25 / Z:355 (mm)



X:210+25 / Z:355 (mm)


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