Vertical Machining Center

Campro VMCs offer a wide range of stroke to meet most processing needs with advantages in both efficiency and economy.
Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, Job Shops, Medical, Semiconductor and Mass Production


icon horizontal machining center

Horizontal Machining Center

Campro Horizontal Machining Centers are the best choice for saving the machine downtime on loading and unloading of workpiece, improving the machine operational efficiency and for manufacturing the mass production of metal components.
Applications: Aerospace, Automotive and Die & Mold



Double Column Machining Center

Campro DCMCs are designed for manufacturing large workpiece. PVs are suitable for large, heavy-duty or multi-procedure processing design; PVs also have high performance in stability and rigidity.
Applications: Aerospace, Automotive and Die & Mold CR series is suitable for processing large workpiece.


icon-5-Axis Machining Center

5 Axis Machining Center

Campro 5-Axis Machining Center is a machine which can finish complex curved surfaces and reduce processing time and boost production quality.
Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Job Shops and Medical


Precision Lathe

Precision Lathe

Campro CPLs are one-piece 45˚ slant bed to meet customers’ various manufacturing demands. Campro NT series is a one-piece with 30˚ cast iron inclined bed to ensure quick chip evacuation and reduce vibration during processing. Furthermore, the modular design with sub-spindle provides more machine flexibility.
Applications: Automotive, Job Shops and Mass Production


CNC Turning and Milling Center

Turning and Milling Center

Campro CNC Mill Turn Center are all equipped with C-axis and live tooling turret, each station in the turret can be live to raise the efficiency of complex manufacturing on one machine. In addition, there are twin spindle series with automatically synchronized part transfer performance to implement flexibility.
Applications: Automotive, Die & Mold, Medical and Mass Production



Lights Out Plan

Since the development of IIoT, Campro Precision Machinery has mastered the pulse of Industry 4.0; Campro integrates the research and development of intelligence and the advantages of precision machinery to play an important role in every enterprise’s dream, "Lighthouse", providing automated material handling system, smart storage /tooling systems and intelligence systems.
Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, Job Shops, Medical, Semiconductor and Mass Production


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