Double Column Machining Center

When considering a purchase, you can take into account either a C-Frame type, also called C-Frame CNC VMCs, or a DMC type, also known as CNC double column. A C-Frame Machining Centers feature a traditional vertical machining center structure with a table-on-table stack-up, and the spindle can be mounted on the column. When choosing a C-frame machine, it is essential to consider the width of the base to ensure stability and support during operation. Campro's C-frame machines utilize linear guides for faster positioning or box ways for added rigidity, and they are designed with a wide base to provide excellent stability. On the other hand, the DMC, double column machining center (bridge type or gantry type) are larger machines that have two stationary columns supporting a cross-slide, a ram, and a spindle assembly.

Campro offers a lineup of double column milling machine consisting of two series: the PV series, which is a bridge type, and the CR series, a gantry type. The PV series CNC double column machining center features a bridge structure that is bolted to the bed, with the table moving between the columns beneath the ram. This design allows for separate movement along the X-axis and Y-axis. On the other hand, the CR series gantry router has a fixed worktable, while the column moves along the rails to serve as the X-axis.

A Family of Double Column Machining Centers PV series that retain Campro's traditional machine characteristics of Strong, Rigidity, and Precision, with sizes up to 5,200 mm x 2,600 mm in travels. Additionally, Campro provides the CR-3015 gantry routers, referred to as gantry mills. These machines possess the power to cut metals like aluminum and various plastics and light materials at high speeds. They offer versatility by effortlessly handling both large sheets and small parts production.

Applications: Aerospace, Automotive and Die & Mold, CR series is suitable for processing large workpiece.

PV Series


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