Campro Wins Double Awards of 15th Machine Tool Competition

en 2022-02-25

NU 630 (TRAVELING COLUMN 5-AXIS MACHINE) and NT-2510SM (TWIN SPINDLE CNC TURN-MILL) are both honored in Research and Development of Innovation Products Competition in 15th TIMTOS.

Zachary Tsai/ Vice General Manager of Operations of Campro, Kenny Tsai/ Chairman of Campro Precision Machinery, and Johnson Chang/ Vice General Manager of Campro

NU 630 is a new milestone in the history of Campro, launching for the first time a machine with a closed configuration covering the widest range of machining requirements.

NT-2510SM is Campro’s highly flexible and profitable twin spindle CNC lathe and is based on a high quality cast iron bed for superior strength and vibration characteristics. High performance heavy duty box guideways, 30 Degree cast iron inclined bed to ensure quick chip evacuation.