CAMPRO Stands For High-end Professional
CNC Machine Tools


The logo for Campro comes from 2 capital letters in the alphabet - C and P which means Cam + Pro, C in blue and P in white. Campro logo shape idea was taken from Chinese calligraphy “a single pattern of movement” which represents the philosophy of Campro, “done at once, no drag the feet”.

Milltex is the second brand of Campro family, feature vertical machining center and bridge type collections. Campro along with Milltex are both mainly designed by Campro ourself.



【FMS 5-axis Machining Center】2021 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award

NU 550 FMS 5-axis Machining Center delivers efficiency and flexibility which is able to satisfy complex-shape machining in a single set-up and meet the market demand. Give more value to customers. Efficiency: NU 550 equips 5-axis simultaneous function, one-piece Monoblock Column and base structure deliver the ultimate stability and double arm supported tilting rotary table to increase stability. Built-in twin screw and mountain type telescopic cover present greater cutting chips removal. Spindle thermal prediction and compensation reduce 80% thermal deformation. Flexibility: Through FMS system with material movements system (pallet changer and robot), digital control and automated program assignment can quickly adjust production schedule to achieve Volume / Routing Flexibility. The system carries out CIM which has six key functions, such as material management, production management, quality management, equipment management, remote monitoring and control, automatic operation. Video

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2021-03-15 ~ 2021-03-20


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