Vertical Machining Center nv-1020 Vertical Machining Center nv 1020 structure
High Performance

Vertical Machining Center


X:1020 / Y:610 / Z:610 (mm)


The NV-series smart vertical machining center has unique design on the loops and thermal symmetry structure of spindle which allows decreasing thermal deformation and increasing accuracy and stability.

The pleasant machine appearance combines aesthetics and ergonomics to get rid of the traditions, meets modern aesthetic needs. Campro ERP + IIoT provides Online Machine Monitoring, Machine Operating Monitoring, Machine Sensors & Trouble Shooting, Remote Control & Program Transmission, CPK Statistical Analysis for the factory of the future as Smart Factories - Factory to Factory and Global connection.


NV series provide more Y-axis and more working area to meet various demands.

Heavy-duty roller type linear guideways on 3 axes which provide integration of heavy cutting ability from box way and fast movement ability from linear guide way.

Z-axis servo motor with brake replaces counter-balance to provide optimal surface accuracy on 3D machining.

Pretensioned class C3 precision ballscrews on 3 axes help to eliminate blacklash. Bearings with dust-protection device are assembled by 3 sets both in the front and rear.

One-piece column which designed with shoulder to support tool magazine to decrease vibration and increase the machine stability while tool changes.

Optional max. 4/5-axis table diameter allows more working area and less interference between cutting tools and workpieces.

NV series-machining

Machine Specification

Item Unit NV-1020
X axis travel mm (in) 1,020 (40.1")
Y axis travel mm (in) 610 (24")
Z axis travel mm (in) 610 (24")
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm (in) 85~695 (3.3" ~ 27.3")
Distance from spindle center to column mm (in) 688 (27")
Table dimension mm (in) 1,120 × 610 (44" x 24")
Max. loading weight kg (lb) 800 (1,763)
T-slots (W x No. x P) mm (in) 18 x 5 x 100 (0.7" x 5 x 3.9")
Spindle speed (OPT) rpm 10,000 (12,000 / 15,000)
Spindle motor kW (HP) 11 / 15 (20HP)
Spindle taper type 7/24 taper No.40
Automatic Tool Changer
ATC type type Arm type
Tool shank type BT-40
Pull stud type P-40T (45°)
Tool storage capacity (OPT) pcs. 24 (30 / 32 / 40)
Max. tool diameter mm (in) Ø80 (Ø3.1")
Max. tool diameter (Adjacent empty) mm (in) Ø150 (Ø5.9")
Max. tool length mm (in) 250 (9.8")
Max. tool weight kg (lb) 7 (15)
Tool change time (Tool to Tool) sec. 2.5
Tool change time (Chip to Chip) sec. 7
Rapid feedrate (X / Y / Z) m (in) /min 48 / 48 / 32
(1,889.7 / 1,889.7 / 1,259.8)
Cutting feedrate mm (in) /min 10,000 (393.7)
Floor plan (W × D) mm (in) 3,330 × 2,350 (131" x 92")
Machine weight kg (lb) 7,100 (15,652)
Max. machine hight mm (in) 2,770 (109")
Air source kg/cm(PSI) 6~8 (85~113)
Power capacity KVA 25

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

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