X:580 / Y:800 / Z:550 (mm)


5 axis CNC machining center U-500


Innovative Design Concepts
  • The new U Series 5 Axis Machining Center gives your workshop the versatility to machine smaller less expensive components without the expense or large footprint of a swivel head machine.
  • Double arm supported A/C axes.
  • Using the integrated trunnion table design is the easiest upgrade path for 3 Axis machine workshops as the approach to part tooling is very similar and reduces the training time required for your operators.
  • The X, Y, and Z axis on this machine all feature heavy duty roller type linear guideways to maintain precision under rapid movement and heavy loading.



Item Unit U-500
X axis travel mm (in) 580 (22.8")
Y axis travel mm (in) 800 (31.4")
Z axis travel mm (in) 550 (21.6")
A axis swiveling range deg. +30° ~ -120°
C axis rotary range deg. 360°
Spindle nose to table surface mm (in) 80~630 (3.1" ~ 24.8")
Table dimension mm (in) Ø550 (Ø21.6")
Max. loading weight kg (lb) 250 (551)
Spindle motor kw 28
Spindle speed rpm 12,000
Spindle taper type 7/24 taper No.40
Automatic Tool Changer
No. of tools (OPT) number 32 (40 / 60)
Max. tool weight kg (lb) 7 (15)
Max. tool length mm (in) 300 (11.8")
Max. tool diameter mm (in) Ø75 (Ø2.9")
Tool diameter (Adjacent empty) mm (in) Ø125 (Ø4.9")
Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m (in)/min 36 / 36 / 30 (1,417.3 / 1,417.3 / 1,181.1)
Floor plan (W×D) mm (in) 3,760 × 3,615 (148" x 142")
Machine weight kg (lb) 11,000 (24,250)
Max. machine hight mm (in) 3,665 (114")
Power capacity KVA 60

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.