double column machining center pv 2216 double column machining center pv 16 series structure

Double Column Machining Center


X:2200 / Y:1600 / Z:750 (mm)

Campro PV Series of Double Column Machining Center, moving table bridge mills provide the highest accuracies of any bridge mill on the market and can machine large parts efficiently with its rigid design. The Y axis travel is 1,600 mm offers with 3 sizes to X-axis travels ranging from 2,200 mm to 4,200 mm. The main characteristics of PV-2216 are single unit (monobloc) bridge, the monoblock column and cast base are made from one-piece with scraped contact surface deliver rigidity and stability, adopted following as standard:

  • 25 HP 6,000 rpm Gear-head Spindle.
  • 32-tool chain type ATC.
  • Dual built-in casting chip screw removal system with chip conveyor.
  • Heavy duty roller type linear guideways on X & Y axes.


double column machining center video-pv-2216


PV-2216 is designed with single unit (monobloc) oversized bridge which is made from one piece box type beam construction to ensure the rigidity and stability.

PV series comes with standard 32-tool BT-50 chain type ATC, the dual arm system ensure the stability during tool change.

One-piece casting design in ram and gear box with box guideways on Z-axis provides excellent performance for heavy-duty cutting.

Final laser inspection and ball bar testing ensure repeatability and positioning accuracy.

PV series-machining

Machine Specification

Item Unit PV-2216
X axis travel mm (in) 2,200 (86.6")
Y axis travel mm (in) 1,600 (62.9")
Z axis travel mm (in) 750 (29.5")
Distance between columns mm (in) 1,750 (68.8")
Spindle nose to table surface mm (in) 200~950 (7.8"~37.4")
Table dimension mm (in) 2,300 × 1,450 (90.5" x 57")
Max. loading weight kg (lb) 6,000 (13,227)
T-slots (W x No.) mm (in) 22 x 8 (0.86" x 8)
Spindle speed rpm 6,000 rpm Gear-head spindle
Spindle motor kW (HP) 15 / 18.5 (25HP)
Spindle taper type 7/24 taper No.50
Auto. Tool Change
Tool shank type BT-50
Tool storage capacity (OPT) pcs. 32 (40 / 60)
Max. tool diameter mm (in) Ø125 (Ø4.9")
Max. tool diameter (Adjacent empty) mm (in) Ø215 (Ø8.4")
Max. tool length mm (in) 350 (13.7")
Max. tool weight kg (lb) 20 (44)
Rapid feedrate (X / Y / Z) m (in) /min. 20 / 20 / 16
(787.4 / 787.4 / 629.9)
Cutting feedrate mm (in) /min. 1~10,000 (393.7)
Floor plan (W × D) mm (in) 6,600 × 4,800 (259" x 188")
Machine weight kg (lb) 25,000 (55,115)
Max. machine hight mm (in) 3,950 (155")
Air source kg/cm(PSI) 6~8 (85~113)
Power capacity KVA 40

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

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