X:2,200 / Y:1,600 / Z:750 (mm)


CNC double column machining center PV-2216


Innovative Design Concepts
  • PV-xx16 series are designed with single unit (monobloc) oversized bridge which is made from one piece box type beam construction to ensure the rigidity and stability.
  • PV series comes with standard 32-tool BT-50 chain type ATC, the dual arm system ensure the stability during tool change.
  • Extra heavy load roller type linear guideways on X & Y axes increase table loading capacity and rigidity while in axial and lateral directions.
  • PV-xx26 are equipped with 3 guideways on the X-axis to provide working table full support.
  • One-piece casting design in ram and gear box with box guideways on Z-axis provides excellent performance for heavy-duty cutting.
  • Final laser inspection and ball bar testing ensure repeatability and positioning accuracy.


Item Unit PV-2216
X axis travel mm (in) 2,200 (86.6")
Y axis travel mm (in) 1,600 (62.9")
Z axis travel mm (in) 750 (29.5")
Distance between columns mm (in) 1,750 (68.8")
Spindle nose to table surface mm (in) 200~950 (7.8"~37.4")
Table dimension mm (in) 2,300 × 1,450 (90.5" x 57")
Max. loading weight kg (lb) 6,000 (13,227)
Spindle motor kw (HP) 15 / 18.5 (25)
Spindle speed rpm 6,000
Spindle taper type 7/24 taper No.50
Automatic Tool Changer
No. of tools (OPT) number 32 (40 / 60)
Max. tool weight kg (lb) 20 (44)
Max. tool length mm (in) 350 (13.7")
Max. tool diameter mm (in) Ø125 (Ø​4.9")
Tool diameter (Adjacent empty) mm (in) Ø215 (Ø8.4")
Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m (in)/min 20 / 20 / 16 (787.4 / 787.4 / 629.9)
Cutting feedrate mm (in)/min 10,000 (393.7)
Floor plan (W×D) mm (in) 6,600 × 4,800 (259" x 188")
Machine weight kg (lb) 25,000 (55,115)
Max. machine hight mm (in) 3,950 (155")
Power capacity KVA 40

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.