30° Slant-bed

CNC Turning and Milling Center


X:210+20 / Z:570 (mm)


NT-series are based on high quality cast iron for perfect stiffness and vibration characteristics.

30° cast iron inclined bed design ensures quicker chip evacuation and lower vibration.

Modular design concept provides subsequent modify and extend ability.

Wide range of options allows to equip linear / box guideways, living turret with C-axis, Y-axis, or sub-spindle for various application demands.

Optimal reinforced rib at the bed performs super heavy-duty turning and maintain long-term accuracy.

Compete with slant bed CNC lathe which is designed flat bed with high-flying wedge, NT-series are one-piece slant bed deisgned that offer more rigidity and thermal stability, and also deliver much heavier cutting with a smaller footprint.

Precision Lathe-turnning

Machine Specification

Item Unit NT-2510SY
X-axis mm (in) 210 + 20 (8.2" + 0.7")
Y-axis mm (in) 100 (±50) (3.9" (±1.9"))
Z-axis mm (in) 630 (24.8")
Max. swing over bed mm (in) Ø680 (Ø26.7")
Max. swing over carriage mm (in) Ø460 (Ø18.1")
Max. turning diameter mm (in) Ø400 (Ø15.7")
Max. turning length mm (in) 520 (20.4")
Spindle motor kW (HP) 11 / 15 (20)
Max. speed rpm 4,200
Spindle nose type A2-6
Hydraulic chuck (OPT) inch 8" (10")
Bar capacity kW (in) Ø52 (Ø2")
Indexing of C-axis degree 0.001°
Sub Spindle
Sub spindle motor kW (HP) 5.5 / 7.5 (10)
Sub spindle speed rpm 5,000
Spindle Nose type A2-5
Hydraulic chuck (OPT) inch 6" (8")
Indexing of C-axis degree 0.001°
Turret type type Servo
Number of tools nos. 12-Station
O.D. / I.D. mm □25 / Ø40 (BMT-55)
Servo motor kW 2.2 / 3.7
Max. tool speed rpm 5,000
Rapid feedrate (X / Y / Z) m (in)/min. 20 / 10 / 24 (787.4 / 393.7 /944.8)
Floor plan (W x D) mm (in) 4,254 x 2,141 (167" x 84")
Machine weight kg (lb) 4,700 (10,361)
Max. machine height mm (in) 2,381 (93")
Power capacity KVA 30

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

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