CNC Turning and Milling Center nt-208sm
30° Slant-bed Box Way

CNC Turning and Milling Center


X:200+20 / Z:630 (mm)
Highly flexible and profitable twin spindle multi-tasking Turn Mill


High Rigidity structure design by CAE analysis with quality engineering that has been considered the geometry and the physical properties of the design to increase reliability and material removal rate (MRR) effectively.

The Boxway Type One-piece 30° Slant Bed offers perfect stiffness and lower vibration to deliver much heavier cutting with a smaller footprint

Through synchronized control of 8” Main spindle / 6” Sub-spindle to complete the greatest amount of primary and secondary turning possible in one compact platform.

BMT Living Turret and C-axis control which enables machine to perform milling functions. The Hardened Precision Box Guideways and optimal structure provide excellent performance for heavy-duty cutting.

Precision Lathe-turnning

Machine Specification

Item Unit NT-208SM
Max. swing over bed mm (in) Ø660 (Ø25.9")
Max. swing over carriage mm (in) Ø460 (Ø18.1")
Max. turning length mm (in) 520 (20.4")
Max. turning diameter mm (in) Ø400 (Ø15.7")
X-axis mm (in) 200 + 20 (7.8" + 0.78")
Z-axis mm (in) 630 (24.8")
Rapid traverse (X / Z) (in)/min 24 / 24  (944.8 / 944.8)
Spindle nose type A2-6
Hydraulic chuck inch 8"
Hole through draw tube mm (in) Ø52 (Ø2.04")
Spindle motor kW (HP) 11 / 15 (20)
Spindle speed rpm 4,200
Indexing of C-axis degree 0.001°
Sub Spindle
Spindle Nose type A2-5
Hydraulic chuck inch 6"
Sub spindle motor kW (HP) 5.5 / 7.5 (10)
Sub spindle speed rpm 5,000
Turret type type Servo Live Turret
Number of tools nos. 12-Station
O.D. / I.D. mm □25 / Ø40 (BMT-55)
Servo motor kW 2.2 / 3.7
Max. tool speed rpm 5,000
Rapid feedrate (X / Z) m (in)/min. 24 / 24 (944.8 / 944.8)
Floor plan (W x D x H) mm (in) 4,254 x 2,256 x 1,842 (167" x 88" x 72")
Machine weight kg (lb) 4,700 (10,361)
Power capacity KVA 25

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

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