X:260 / Y: 110 (±55) / Z:850 (mm)


CNC precision lathe CPL-3010Y


Innovative Design Concepts
  • One-piece 30° slant-bed structure features max. rigidity and stability, it also provides smooth chip disposal and easier operator.
  • Extra wide Box guideways are directly formed during the casting process, the slide ways are bonded with Turcite-B helps to reduce wearing out and maintain operation accuracy.
  • Y-axis has ±55 travel can finish the complexity machining work and achieve within a perfect time which can do more than general lathes. 
  • The BMT tooling system offers strong clamping force to max. cutting rigidity.
  • Programmable tailstock saves manpower which operates by Z-axis carriage automatically locks and drags it to the desired position. (CPL-3010Y)
  • CPL-3010SY is optimized with sub-spindle which allows automatic part transfer of workpiece from main spindle to sub-spindle and both spindle support fully synchronized rotating. 


Item Unit CPL-3010Y
X axis travel mm (in) 260 (10.2")
Y axis travel mm (in) 110 (±55) 4.3" (±2.1")
Z axis travel mm (in) 850 (33.4")
Max. swing over bed mm (in) 750 (29.5")
Max. swing over carriage mm (in) 650 (25.5")
Standard turning diameter mm 850
Max. turning diameter mm (in) 470 (18.5")
Max. turning length mm (in) 755 (29.7")
Spindle motor kw (HP) 15 / 18.5 (25)
Spindle speed rpm 3,000
Spindle nose type A2-8 (Belt type)
Spindle bearing diameter mm Ø130
Hydraulic chuck (OPT.) inch 10"
  mm (in) Ø75 (2.9")
Indexing of C-axis   0.001
Turret type type Servo
Number of tools   12-station
O.D. / I.D. mm BMT-65
Tool change time sec. 0.2
Servo motor kw (HP) 3.7 / 5.5 (7)
Max. tool speed rpm. 5,000
Rapid feedrate (X/Z) (in)/min 20 / 10 / 20 (787.4 / 393.7 / 787.4)
Floor plan (W×D) mm (in) 4,752 × 2,110 (187" x 83")
Machine weight kg 6,500 (14,330)
Max. machine hight mm (in) 2,723 (107")
Power capacity KVA 30
Coolant tank capacity L 250
Oil pressure source kg/cm2 35~40
Air pressure source kg/cm2 6~8

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.